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خط تولید آرنوش

Tomato paste standards

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Physical and chemical standards of tomato paste

Physical and chemical properties of tomato paste include properties such as brix (amount of soluble substances), amount of table salt, pH, etc., based on which the quality of tomato paste can be evaluated.
Tomato paste standards based on physical and chemical properties provided by the National Standards Organization are as follows:

Tomato paste filling rate


The filling level of tomato paste in accordance with the national organizational standards of Iran should be at least 90%.


Tomato paste brix


Brix of tomato paste is at least 25% in accordance with the standards of tomato paste of the National Standards Organization.

PH of tomato paste


The acidity of tomato paste is determined by the pH index.
According to the standards of the National Standard Organization for Tomato Paste, the pH of tomato paste should be a maximum of 4.3.


Table salt


The only permissible additive that is added to tomato paste is table salt.
The amount of table salt that can be added to tomato paste, according to the criteria of the National Organization for Standardization, is a maximum of 1.5 percent.


The rest of the skin with dimensions of 1 to 3 mm


Tomato skins left over from the peeling process, in accordance with National Standards Organization standards, should not exceed 10 in each can.




According to the rules of the National Standard Organization of Iran, adding any color and preservatives to tomato paste is prohibited. The only permitted additive that is added to tomato paste for better taste is table salt, which should not be more than 1.5%.

Arnoosh tomato paste has all the mentioned items.

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