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Research and Development

Research and Development Unit

Research and development is a dynamic interconnected process of basic research, applied research, and developmental research that results in the production of new technology and marketable products. In industrial environments, the unit in which product research and development takes place is typically the unit (R&D ) .

Research and development is a continuous process, not intermittent and once and for all. Undoubtedly, research is a dynamic and blood-like factor in the economic, social and cultural structure of any country. Today, all activities that lead to improved product quality, new product development, the use of advanced technologies, improved production process and cost reduction are all formed in the form of research and development activities .

Today, R&D activities are no longer considered a cost, but a kind of investment, and this amount of investment is an indicator for the development of businesses and organizations .
The role of research and development is more vital than any other element in moving towards the benefit of science and technology. Research and development require alignment with the changing world.

The mission of productivity growth in the organization is the responsibility of the research and development unit. For this purpose, it is necessary for this unit to examine the supply chain at all times and ensure the efficiency of the components of this chain .
Effective and efficient research and development requires both short-term and long-term results. The efforts that need to be made are far more than just satisfying the short-term and quick results, while every small success is the result of a step that must be taken in a long-term and continuous process .

R&D activities in companies should focus on the best opportunities, opportunities to create new business or transform the entire company’s business. In summary, the missions of a R&D unit can be summarized as follows :

  • Accurate understanding of current and future company strategies
  • Discover and understand market opportunities and needs
  • Discover new ideas and turn them into products and business opportunities
  • Understanding the trend of existing technologies and future technologies
  • Constant innovation to create competitive advantage
  • Dealing with threats by maintaining a competitive advantage and understanding competitors’ strategies
  • Continuous increase of research and development capacities, by improving the quality of human resources, equipment and machinery, technical knowledge and engineering in Arnoosh industries
  • Transfer and localization of new technologies in the tomato paste industry
  • Optimizing production and product processes, increasing production and increasing the added value of manufactured products
  • Research to increase the productivity of production, machinery, manpower, materials and energy
  • Research to improve safety and environmental conditions in order to move towards sustainable production

Achieving the goals of the research and development unit requires increasing the value-creating capability of the enterprise through knowledge-based decisions and scientific management .