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Author: مدیر وب سایت

خط تولید آرنوش

Tomato paste standards

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Physical and chemical standards of tomato paste Physical and chemical properties of tomato paste include properties such as brix (amount of soluble substances), amount of table salt, pH, etc., based on which the quality of tomato paste can be evaluated. Tomato paste standards based on physical and...

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رب‌های گوجه فرنگی بی‌کیفیت

Non-standard and unhygienic pastes

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Non-standard and unhygienic pastes do you know: Poor quality and non-standard tomato pastes, which are produced in small workshops under the name of homemade paste, contain two toxic substances, sodium benzoate and altramide. Paste additive: In the process of producing non-standard home pastes, unlike standard and high quality tomato...

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