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Arnoush Agency

Representation conditions:


Thank you for choosing Arnoosh Food Industries. The conditions for granting representation are as follows.

  1. Minimum area 50 meters (in big cities)
  2. At least 6 meters above the store
  3. Minimum ceiling height 2.5 meters
  4. The location of the store must be on the main street and at the place of traffic and shopping, and the location of the store must be approved by Arnoosh Food Industries Industrial Group.

Cooperation terms:

  1. Deposit: The deposit is calculated based on the area of ​​the store and 1 million Tomans per meter. The deposit is actually the cash that the agent pays to the company to supply the store. The deposit amount is the guarantee of delivery of the security goods to the representative, which is paid in cash before the opening of the store. The deposit is taken from the agent only once during a three-year contract, and this amount can be returned in any way after the end of the contract.
  2. Guarantee check: A check equal to one and a half times the deposit amount will be delivered by the agent to guarantee the contract.
  3. Decor: The design of the decor is done by Arnoosh Food Industries Industrial Group and its execution and implementation is prepared by the representative based on the standards of the collection and according to the plan. Arnoush food industry chelnium board is prepared by the collection and only its infrastructure will be the responsibility of the representative.
  4. Representative’s share: The representative’s share is withdrawn daily, which is equal to 40% in normal days and 20% in auction days.
  5. Store costs: All costs of setting up the store, including the provision of gates and tags and computer systems, and… and daily costs of the store, including personnel costs, water, electricity, rent, and… are with the representative. But sales support services, customer relationship services, promotion design and monthly advertising are with Arnoosh Food Industries.
  6. Products: The products of the collection are produced on a daily basis and new items are continuously distributed throughout Iran between branches and agencies. All items will be delivered to the representative in a timely manner and at the end of each season, it is possible to return the goods to the company and in this regard, the representative will not suffer any losses. Products are selected and sent to the branches according to the opinion and discretion of the collection area managers, and almost all products are sent to all stores. The rial value of the inventory of products sent to the representative is one and a half times the amount of his deposit.
  7. Shipping costs: The cost of sending products from the factory to the store is paid by the representative, however, according to the cooperation agreement between the Post Office and Arnoosh Food Industries, this amount will be very small.
  8. Working hours and holidays: The working hours of the store, the start and end time of work, as well as the way of working on holidays are done according to the calendar of Arnoosh Food Industry Complex and with the discretion of the relevant regional manager.
  9. Exclusive sale of Arnoosh food industry products: The representative is obliged to present Arnoosh food industry products and the sale of any miscellaneous goods by the representative is a violation.
  10. Selling price of products: The selling price or the amount of off products is determined by the collection and it is not possible to enter and occupy this amount.
  11. Contract: The contract will be concluded in the format specified and arranged by Arnoosh Food Industries.
  12. In small towns, shops under 50 meters are also granted representation, the deposit of which is equal to 50 million Tomans, regardless of the exact area.
  13. If the representative of the applicant is exclusively in her province so that the company does not cooperate with anyone other than her in that area, the amount of the deposit will be calculated at 3 million Tomans.

Documents sent to Arnoosh Food Industry Brand Management Unit for decision:

  1. Provide the exact address of the store
  2. Provide online store location
  3. Announce time limits in terms of opening and closing the store if it is located in a commercial complex.
  4. Send photos of inside and outside the store, different angles of the store, floor, hall, ceiling, showcase and on the store
  5. Send videos from nearby shops and the street where the store is located.
  6. If there are famous brands in the vicinity of the property, it is necessary to provide additional information about those brands.

Please send the submitted documents to 77528073 on WhatsApp. Partners will contact you after the evaluation.