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brief about Arnoosh

Arnoosh Food Industries Manufacturer of tomato paste with lasting taste and color. Arnoosh tomato paste has been known as one of the popular brands during these years and has been able to open its place among the fans of original Iranian paste.

درباره ما

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Why should we choose Arnoosh tomato paste?

standard certificate

The purpose of this standard is to determine the characteristics, sampling, test methods, packaging and marking of canned tomato paste.

Permanent color

The color of Arnoosh tomato paste is red tomato color, and also in terms of smell, it is free from external odors, sourness and has its own smell.

طعم ماندگار

Arnoosh tomato paste has its own taste and is free of burning taste, and the texture of this product is uniform and fluid..

Do not use preservatives

The maximum salt used in Arnoosh tomato paste is defined as one and a half percent, of which half a percent is related to the natural tomato salt itself. Therefore, the production of Arnoosh tomato paste uses the least added salt.

Top purity of tomato paste

It is impossible to tell the high purity of tomato paste without the use of laboratory equipment. One of the features of Arnoosh tomato paste is that there are more than 40 mg of lycopene in every 100 grams.

Homogeneous tomato paste

The homogeneity of the paste and the fact that other vegetables are not used in its preparation process are the characteristics of Arnoosh tomato paste, which can be realized by simple methods. One simple way to find out is to taste the tomato paste.